Proposal Guidelines

Papers, poster, and workshop proposals are currently being reviewed. Authors will be notified of their status in early June. Authors can view their proposals in the proposal submission site and accepted authors will be asked to RSVP to confirm their attendance at the conference.

Read through the full proposal submission guidelines

Accessible Presentations

The Library Assessment Conference is committed to providing access to its web content to people with disabilities. To help us meet our commitment, please follow these guidelines when creating PowerPoint slides and posters to be shown at the conference and subsequently posted to the website.

Tips for accessible presentations

Training and Resources

Tips for creating an effective presentation and poster design.

See resources and tips for presenters

Presenting at the Conference

Getting to the Conference

Please visit our registration and local info pages for information on registering, housing, and traveling to the conference venue.

Paper Presenters

Planning Your Presentation

Time your presentation so that you do not exceed the time limit of 20 minutes (15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A). Presentations are limited to 2 speakers. There will be a few minutes after all the presentations for general Q&A.

Presenters should discuss the key points of their work within the allotted time frame. Presenters should prepare to submit their draft paper in advance of the conference, as well as their final paper for the conference proceedings, but should avoid reading their paper during the session. PowerPoint presentations will be loaded online and on the computer in the session room in advance of the conference. Please see our accessibility guidelines page for important information about making your presentation accessible.

You may choose to include handouts with your presentation. Please limit handouts to those needed for audience participation. You are responsible for bringing handouts to the conference. In addition, please upload handouts with your PowerPoint file so they can be placed on the conference website.

What to Expect During the Session

Each session will include 4–5 paper presentations on a common theme. A moderator will welcome the audience, coordinate the speakers, and keep time. View the schedule page to find your session time. Presenters will speak in the order listed in the conference program.

Each room will be equipped with:

  • Podium and microphone
  • Access to power
  • Mac or PC laptop and Wi-Fi
  • Presentations pre-loaded to the computer. Please upload your file to the shared Google Drive folder. If you could not upload your presentation or had last minute changes, please bring your presentation on a jump drive.

Draft and Final Paper Submissions

More information on submitting your draft and final papers will be added to this section.

Final papers (to be published in the conference proceedings) are due November 30, 2020. More information on final papers will be shared in summer 2020.

Poster Presenters

Planning Your Presentation

A poster is a formal graphic presentation of a topic displayed on poster board. This format offers an excellent opportunity for presenting data and visualizations, big ideas, and action. Posters will be exhibited and presented during a reception. Posters should not be used to advertise a product or service. Consult the poster guidelines page for full details on poster set up, logistics, and tips for effective poster design.

What does a poster exhibition look like? All posters are presented during the poster exhibition and reception and posters will be grouped by theme. Posters are presented on tri-fold standing poster boards (36 x 48 inches) throughout the room. Poster presenters stand beside their posters and discuss their work on-on-one or in small groups of attendees. Most poster presenters supplement their posters with a handout that summarizes their work and provides contact information for further follow up.

Final Poster Submissions

PDF poster files will be posted to the conference website in advance of the conference and will be due in mid-October. Poster presenters are responsible for carrying or shipping their posters to the conference and attaching them to the poster boards. The conference will provide each presenter with a tri-fold standing poster board and table. Visit the poster guidelines page for full logistical details.

All Presenters (Paper and Poster)

Don’t forget to check out our resources page for tips on creating effective presentations and posters.

Uploading Your Digital Files

For paper presenters: Instructions are forthcoming.

Please name your file as Corresponding author last name and first few words of the title (example: Belanger-Getting to Scale). If submitting a handout, please attach “handout” to the end of the file name (example: Belanger-Getting to Scale-handout). If you have trouble uploading your file, please email it to

For poster presenters: Instructions are forthcoming.

Please name your file as Corresponding author last name and first few words of the title (example: Zaugg-Using Prototypes). If submitting a handout, please attach “handout” to the end of the file name (example: Zaugg-Using Prototypes-handout). If you have trouble uploading your file, please email it to

Please see the poster guidelines page for important information about setup, materials, and shipping.

Code of Conduct

The 2020 Library Assessment Conference Code of Conduct applies to presenters and attendees.

Social Media

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Questions & On-Site Support

Please email Angela at with any questions. For questions on site, please ask for Angela Pappalardo, Sue Baughman, or Steve Hiller at the registration desk.