Training and Resources

Paper Presentations

Multi-paper sessions (90 minutes) include five paper presentations on a common theme. A chair will welcome the audience, coordinate the session, and keep time. Presentation time for papers will be a maximum of 12 minutes, plus 2–3 minutes for questions. While presenters are asked to provide, in advance, their full draft papers or synopses, presenters should avoid reading their paper. There will be time for a few questions following each presentation and additional question and answer time will be available at the end of the session.

Paper presenters usually supplement their presentations with audiovisual aids illustrating their key points. A computer, LCD projector, and screen will be provided.

Effective presentations include speech-ready oral remarks. Use clear, jargon-free language and practice your presentation out loud to make sure you stay within the time limit. Use slides to complement your presentation, and avoid reading the slides aloud. Keep visual content simple and remember to incorporate accessibility principles into your slide design.

Top LAC Presentation Tips

  1. Avoid spending too much time on institutional context or background
  2. Focus on explaining what you did, your results, and what you did with the results
  3. Avoid reading the slides or your paper aloud
  4. Incorporate accessibility principles: simple color palettes, large and easy-to-read font,  limited text on slides
  5. Practice your pacing
  6. Engage your audience: make eye contact and ask questions
  7. Consider bringing handouts and/or including them electronically with your slides

For more tips on creating an effective presentation, please see:

Poster Presentations

A poster is a formal graphic presentation of a topic displayed on poster board. This format offers an excellent opportunity for presenting specialized studies or gathering detailed feedback on work, results, and action. Posters will be exhibited and presented during a reception and judges will select top posters in each theme. Posters should not be used to advertise a product or service. A PDF file of the poster will be posted on the conference website as soon as the file is available.

Effective posters have a simple, clear design and easy-to-read font (limit to 1 or 2 font types). They should be visually appealing and able to convey information quickly. Be sure to include a simple title, author information, institution, research content, and references.

For more tips on poster design, please see: