Copyright Agreement

By reading and agreeing to this statement…

The following is an agreement between you, (the Author) and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and governs the author’s contribution (the Work) to the 2022 Library Assessment Conference Proceedings (the Proceedings).

Author’s Ownership of Copyright

The copyright in the Work shall remain with the Author.

Author’s Grant of Rights

The Author grants to ARL the non-exclusive rights to reproduce, publish, display, distribute, and preserve the Work for the duration of its copyright, throughout the world, in all media, including by means of a third-party online information provider or repository.

Author’s Warranties and Undertakings

The Author warrants that to the best of the Author’s knowledge:

  • The Author is the sole/joint author of the Work and has the power to convey the rights granted in this Agreement;
  • The Work does not infringe the copyright or property right of another; and
  • The Work does not contain matter that is defamatory, violates another’s civil right, right of privacy, right of publicity, or other legal right, or is otherwise unlawful.
  • If the Work reproduces any textual or graphic material that is the property of another for which permission is required, the Author agrees to obtain written copyright permission from the copyright owner(s), retain said permission in his/her files to be called upon when necessary, and give proper credit to the original source in the Work.

Editing, Publishing, Display, and Distribution

  • The Author authorizes ARL to edit, revise, and format the Work prior to publication, display, and distribution of the Proceedings, but the Work shall not be published, displayed, or distributed by ARL unless it is acceptable in its final form to both the Author and ARL.
  • ARL shall have the right to control the content and format of the Proceedings and shall have the right to include works provided by other authors in the Proceedings.

ARL’s Ownership of Copyright

The copyright in the Proceedings shall remain with ARL.

Final Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the sole agreement between the Author and ARL with respect to the publication and copyright of the Work. Any modifications of or additions to the terms of this Agreement shall be in writing.