The Association of Research Libraries and the University of Washington Libraries will host the 2020 Library Assessment Conference: Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment. The in-person event is canceled; in its place will be a series of free virtual sessions beginning in fall 2020.

The conference goal is to build and further a vibrant library assessment community by bringing together interested practitioners and researchers who have responsibility or interest in the broad field of library assessment. The conference provides a mix of invited speakers, contributed papers and posters, and workshops that stimulate discussion and provide workable ideas for effective, practical, and sustainable library assessment. This biennial conference builds on the success of the first seven conferences held in Charlottesville, Virginia (2006, 2012); Seattle, Washington (2008, 2014); Baltimore, Maryland (2010); Arlington, Virginia (2016), and Houston, Texas (2018).


We’re grateful to our sponsors for their support in building a strong library assessment community.

2020 Sponsors

LibPMC International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries

The International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries (UK based) is the sister conference to the Library Assessment Conference (US based). The collaboration between the two events started in October 2000 when organizers of the ARL symposium on “The New Culture of Assessment in Academic Libraries: Measuring Library Service Quality” invited the organizers of the UK event to join and present at the symposium in Washington, DC.  The relationship was strengthened when the 4th International Conference was organized by ARL in Pittsburgh, PA, as an IFLA preconference, in 2001.  The Pittsburgh event experience was the foundation upon which the Library Assessment Conference built upon in 2006 supported by ARL, the University of Virginia, and the University of Washington. Since 2006, the two sister conferences have made the commitment to organize their events in alternate years.
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Steering Committee

Steve Hiller

Conference Co-Chair, University of Washington

Sue Baughman

Conference Co-Chair, Association of Research Libraries

Jackie Belanger

University of Washington

Elizabeth Edwards

University of Chicago

Brian Keith

University of Florida

Martha Kyrillidou

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; QualityMetrics, LLC

Klara Maidenberg

University of Toronto

Megan Oakleaf

Syracuse University

Angela Pappalardo

Association of Research Libraries

Maurini Strub

University of Rochester

Frankie Wilson

University of Oxford

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