Thank you for joining us at the 2018 Library Assessment Conference. Program slides are linked below. You may also wish to view the Sched version or the detailed program schedule (with dates and locations). The conference proceedings will be published in the first half of 2019.

Tuesday, December 4th


Strategic Service Design for Libraries

Paul-Jervis Heath (Modern Human)

Library Spaces: Approaches to Needs Assessment and Post-Occupancy Assessment

Joan K. Lippincott (CNI) & Kim Duckett (Duke University Libraries)

Preparing Data for Visualization

Maggie Faber (University of Washington Libraries)

Learning Analytics & Academic Libraries: Getting Started, Gaining Traction, Going Forward

Megan Oakleaf (Syracuse University iSchool)

Leveraging OpenRefine and APIs to Conduct Large-Scale Collection Analyses

Gabrielle Wiersma & Phil White (University of Colorado Boulder Libraries)

Library Data Visualization with Tableau Public

Ebony Magnus (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Library)

Wednesday, December 5th

Plenary Session I

Keynote I: Unlocking the Power of Design in the Library

Paul-Jervis Heath

Concurrent Session I

Session 1: Measurement and Measures Indicators I

Outcome Measurement in Academic Libraries: Adapting the Project Outcome Model

Eric Ackermann (Radford University), Sara Goek (Association of College & Research Libraries), and Emily Plagman (Public Library Association, ALA)

Aligning Textbook Affordability with State Performance Based Funding Metrics

Penny Beile (University of Central Florida)

Finding Hidden Treasures in the Data

Carolyn Dennison and Jan Sung (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Smart Data, Smart Library: Assessing Implied Value through Big Data

Jin Xiu Guo (Stony Brook University) and Gordon Xu (Northern Michigan University)

Do Download Reports Reliably Measure Journal Usage?

Douglas Steigerwald, Ted Bergstrom, and Alex Wood-Doughty (UC Santa Barbara)

Data Modelling and Why it Matters

Frankie Wilson, University of Oxford

Session 2: Ithaka S+R Local Surveys

Using Student Survey Data to Build Campus Collaborations

Elizabeth Edwards and Rebecca Starkey (University of Chicago)

Knowing Our Users: Deriving Value from the Ithaka S+R Local Surveys at the University of Missouri

Jeannette Pierce and Gwen Gray (University of Missouri)

The Group Within: Analyzing a Large-Scale User Survey to Focus on a User Subpopulation of Interest

Lisa Hinchliffe (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Assessing the User Needs of STEM Graduate Students: A Comparative Analysis

Juliet Rumble and Adelia Grabowsky (Auburn University)

Step Aside, Tableau: The Pros and Cons of Analyzing and Reporting Ithaka S+R Survey Results Using Google Data Studio

Emily Guhde (Georgetown University)

Disseminating Findings on User Needs Across a Multi-Campus Library System: An Approach to Packaging and Communicating Results from the Ithaka S+R Survey of Undergraduates at Penn State University

Lana Munip and Steve Borrelli (Pennsylvania State University)

Session 3: Value and Impact

Library Impact with International Rankings—One Library’s Continuous Journey to Figure it Out

Liz Bernal (Case Western Reserve University)

Communicating Library Impact through the Assessment Website

Kristin Hall and Janet H. Clarke (Stony Brook University)

Quantifying the Value of the Academic Library

Rebecca Croxton and Anne Moore (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Textbook Affordability Options: Assessing eBook Purchase Models for Value and Impact

Athena Hoeppner and Sara Duff (University of Central Florida)

The Continuing Adventures of Library Learning Analytics: Exploring the Relationship between Library Skills Training and Student Success

Selena Killick, Richard Nurse, and Helen Clough (The Open University)

Impact and Ethics: A Meta-Analysis of Library Impact Studies

M. Brooke Robertshaw (Oregon State University) and Andrew Asher (Indiana University)

Session 4: Space I

Assessing a Graduate Commons in the Library: Graduate Students Need an Identified Third Space

Susan Beatty (University of Calgary)

Seating Our Patrons: A Multi-Year Approach to Creating and Assessing User Space

Margaret Fain and Jennifer Hughes (Coastal Carolina University)

Headcounts on Steroids: A Lightweight Method for Evaluating Space and Furniture Use

Katherine Gerwig and Carolyn Bishoff (University of Minnesota)

Developing the Metrics to Assess the Library’s Active Learning Spaces

Ningning Kong, Karen Hum, Yue Li, and Nanette Andersson (Purdue University)

Participatory Data-Gathering and Community Building

Emily Puckett Rodgers, Denise Leyton, and Kat King (University of Michigan)

Session 5: Methods and Tools I

Using the LibQUAL+ Survey to Inform Strategic Planning

Christine Baker and Patricia Andersen (Colorado School of Mines)

Impacting Student Success: A Practical Guide to Assessing Library Services at the Community College Level

Faith Bradham (Bakersfield College)

Disparate Data Sources: Assessing a Library Program Impact on Student Achievement

Karin Chang and Jennifer Boden (Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium, University of Kansas); Katina Jones (Mid-Continent Public Library)

Qualifying for Services: Investigating the Unmet Needs of Qualitative Researchers on Campus

Alexa Pearce, Alix Keener, Russel Peterson, Caroline He, Karen Downing, and Elizabeth Yakel (University of Michigan)

Community College Libraries & Academic Support for Student Success

Christine Wolff-Eisenberg (Ithaka S+R) and Dr. Braddlee (Northern Virginia Community College)

Session 6: Organizational Issues I

The Career Paths of Assessment Librarians: An Exploration of Professional Growth

Sarah Murphy (The Ohio State University)

Assessing the Success of a Mentoring Program for Academic Librarians

Catherine Sassen, Karen Harker, Seti Keshmiripour, Marcia McIntosh, Erin O’Toole (University of North Texas)

Obligations and Intentions: An Exploratory Study of Indirect Cost Recovery Monies from Research Grants as a Revenue Stream for Funding Research Library Budgets

Devin Savage (Illinois Institute of Technology) and Chad Kahl (Illinois State University)

Developing Objective Criteria for Promotion

Heather Scalf (University of Texas Arlington)

Meta-Assessment: The ARL Assessment Framework in Practice at Montana State University

Scott Young and David Swedman (Montana State University); Martha Kyrillidou (QualityMetrics, LLC)

Session 7: Digital Libraries

Testing Assumptions—Does Enhancing Subject Terms Increase Use of Digital Library Content?

Chelsea Dinsmore and Todd Digby (University of Florida)

Assessing Transformation: Findings from the Measuring Reuse Project

Santi Thompson (University of Houston), Caroline Muglia (University of Southern California), Genya O’gara (Virtual Library of Virginia), Liz Woolcott (Utah State University), Ayla Stein (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and Elizabeth Kelly (Loyola University New Orleans)

Building the Measuring Stick: A Model for Continuous Review and Improvement of Institutional Repository Policies

Christy Shorey (University of Florida)

Bringing IRUS to the USA: International Collaborations to Standardize and Assess Repository Usage Statistics

Santi Thompson (University of Houston); Joe Lambert and Ross Macintyre (JISC)

Launching the Resource Repository for Assessment Librarians: From Needs Assessment to Pilot and Beyond

Nancy Turner (Temple University), Kirsten Kinsley (Florida State University), and Melissa Becher (American University)

Poster Session I

Thursday, December 6th

Session 8: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Taking AIM: Integrating Organization Development into the Creation of a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Audit

Kawanna Bright (University of Denver) and Nikhat Ghouse (American University)

A Consideration of Power Structures (and the Tension They Create) in Library Assessment Activities

Maggie Faber and Jackie Belanger (University of Washington); Ebony Magnus (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

Social Justice Metrics for Libraries: A Community Identification of Possibilities

Lisa Hinchliffe (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Krystal Wyatt-Baxter (University of Texas), and Cameron Tuai (Drake University)

Setting Our Cites on Gender: Toward Development of Inclusive Scholarly Support Services for All Faculty

Laura Robinson and Anna Newman (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Assessing the Social Value of Library Services at Drake University

Cameron Tuai (Drake University)

Assessing and Improving the Experience of Underrepresented Populations: A Participatory Design Approach

Scott Young and David Swedman (Montana State University); Haille Fargo, Steve Borrelli, Zoe Chao, and Carmen Gass (Pennsylvania State University)

Session 9: Organizational Issues II

Strategic Library Assessment: Aligning with Your University’s Strategic Plan

Kathy Crowe (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Tracking Unicorns: A Multi-Institutional Network Analysis of Library Functional Areas

Emily Guhde (Georgetown University) and Brian Keith (University of Florida)

Two Years and Change: Building a Sustainable Culture of User-Focused Assessment

Katy O’Neill (Loyola Notre Dame)

“Buttoned Up Assessment”: Organizational Culture and Improving Department-Wide Assessment Efforts at Brown University Library

Jeanette Norris and Boaz Nadav-Manes (Brown University)

Finding Value in Unusual Places: Transforming Collaboration Workshop Data to Inform a Library Cooperative’s Strategic Plan

Laura Spears, Melissa Powers, and Bess De Farber (University of Florida)

Zero to Sixty: Implementing Outcomes Assessment for an Entire Organization

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter (University of Texas)

Session 10: Methods and Tools II

From Indifference to Delight: Gauging Users’ Preferences Using the Kano Model

Gabriela Castro (Cornell University) and Zoe Chao (Pennsylvania State University)

From Default to Design: Design-Based Assessment for Libraries and Librarianship

Rachel Ivy Clarke (Syracuse University)

Reflections on Creating a Multi-Site, Mixed Methods, and Interpretive Assessment Project

Darren Ilett and Natasha Floersch (University of Northern Colorado); Emily Dommermuth, Juliann Couture, and Lindsay Roberts (University of Colorado Boulder); Renae Watson, Kristine Nowak, and Jimena Sagàs (Colorado State University)

Using LibQUAL+® as a Foundation for the Library’s Support of Accreditation and Re-Certification Efforts

Michael Maciel (Texas A&M University)

Building a “Library Cube” from Scratch

Kirsten Kinsley, Louis Brooks, and Jesse Klein (Florida State University)

LibQUAL+ Results Bring More Questions Than Answers: Using Exploratory Survey Data to Instigate Further Assessments

Kimberly Vardeman and Jingjing Wu (Texas Tech University)

Session 11: Non-Traditional Users

Perspectives on the Limits of Assessment: Ithaka S+R’s Indigenous Studies Project

Danielle Cooper (Ithaka S+R)

1G Needs are Student Needs: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding the Experiences of First-Generation College Students

Emily Daly and Joyce Chapman (Duke University Libraries)

Tracking the Elusive Undergraduate Non-user: Triangulating a Senior Survey, Library Instruction Data, and LibQUAL+ Results

Laurel Littrell (Kansas State University)

Collaborative Assessment for Student Success: Analyzing Nontraditional Students’ Library Perceptions and Usage

Karen Stanley Grigg and Samantha Harlow (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Session 12: Organizational Issues III

Toward a Culture of Inquiry: Reducing Barriers to Engagement in Assessment

Jeremy Buhler (University of British Columbia)

Engaging Graduate Students in Research and Scholarly Life Cycle Practices: Localized Modeling of Scholarly Communication for Alignment with Strategic Initiatives

Anjum Najmi and Scott Lancaster (Texas A&M University Commerce)

Choose Your Adventure: A Library Reorganization Case Study

Heather Scalf (University of Texas Arlington)

Coming Full Circle: Exploring the Life Cycle of a Staff Training Program Evaluation

Jennifer Sweeney (San Jose State University) and Kathryn G. Sweeney (JK Sweeney & Associates)

Diffusing Organizational Change through Service Design and Iterative Assessment

Rachel Vacek, Emily Puckett Rodgers, and Meghan Sitar (University of Michigan)

Session 13: Space II

Getting to Scale: Developing a Sustainable, Collaborative, Mixed-Method Approach to Space Assessment at the University of Washington Libraries

Jackie Belanger, Maggie Faber, and Jenna Nobs (University of Washington Libraries)

Discovering Access: Uncovering the Connection between Office Spaces and the User Experience

Tobi Hines and Sara Wright (Cornell University)

How Many Seats Do We Need in Our Library? A New Utilization-Based Model

Martha Kyrillidou (QualityMetrics, LLC) and Elliot Felix (brightspot strategy)

Where Students Want to Spend the Night: A Two-Phase Examination of Overnight Study Spaces at the University of Florida

Laura Spears (University of Florida)

Session 14: Collections

When to Hold On and When to Let Go: A Distributed Retrospective Print Repository Program for Rarely-Held Monographs

Jean Blackburn (Vancouver Island University) and Lisa Petrachenko (University of Victoria)

Ranking Data Outliers for Collection Budget Analysis: Allocating for the Future

Elizabeth Brown, James Galbraith, Jill Dixon, and Mary Tuttle (Binghamton University)

Collecting Globally, Connecting Locally: 21st Century Libraries

Susan Edwards and Chan Li (University of California, Berkeley)

The Collection Assessment is Done… Now What?

Karen Harker, Coby Condrey, and Laurel Crawford (University of North Texas)

Assessing Textbook Cost and Course Data for a High-Impact Textbook Lending Program

Jan Kemp and Posie Aagaard (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Mining EZProxy Data: User Demographics and Electronic Resources

Connie Stovall and Ellie Kohler (Virginia Tech)

Poster Session II

Friday, December 7th


Human Subject-Based Library Research and Professional Ethics: A Panel Discussion

Brian W. Keith, Moderator (University of Florida), Stanley Wilder (Louisiana State University), Laura I. Spears (University of Florida), Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and Robert Farrell (City University of New York)

ARL Library Impact Framework

Sue Baughman (ARL); Megan Hurst and Christine Madsen (Athenaeum21)


Assessing Librarian Skills for the Future: A Toolkit for Success

Elliot Felix and Amanda Wirth (brightspot strategy); David Woodbury (North Carolina State University); Jennifer Ferguson (Tufts University)

Identifying Alternative Measures of Impact: Telling the Story

Holly Mercer (University of Tennessee) and Lynn Silipigni Connaway (OCLC Research)

Critical Information Literacy Instruction: Using Outcomes to Teach and Assess Big Ideas that Matter

Megan Oakleaf and Josh Hughey (Syracuse University)

Session 15: User Experience

Shopping for Sustainability: Re-Envisioning the Secret Shopper Assessment

Tricia Boucher and Jessica McClean (Texas State University)

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want: Understanding User Perspectives with Comparative Analysis

Zoe Chao (Pennsylvania State University)

Comparing Apples to Oranges? Doing UX Work Across Time and Space

Andrew Darby and Kineret Ben-Knaan (University of Miami)

Redesigning Harvard Library’s Website with User Research at Every Step

Amy Deschenes (Harvard University)

Holistically Evaluating a Room Booking Service’s Transition from Online Booking to In-Person Access

Ruby Warren (University of Manitoba)

Session 16: Measurement and Measures Indicators II

Beyond “Will You Make Me a Dashboard?”: Meaningful Collaboration on Visualization and Reporting

Maggie Faber (University of Washington), Jeremy Buhler (University of British Columbia), and Frankie Wilson (University of Oxford)

Library Continuous Improvement through Collaboration on an Institution-Wide Assessment Initiative

Michael Luther and Jen Wells (Kennesaw State University)

Is There a (Data) Point? Are All These Measures Useful?

Dawn McKinnon, Joseph Hafner, Martin Morris, and Andrew Senior (McGill University)

Measuring Library Support for Institutional Research Endeavors Using a Return-on-Investment Model: Data Analysis Update

Douglas Varner, Jennifer Kluge, and Jett McCann (Georgetown University); Nancy Woelfl (University of Nebraska)

Session 17: Teaching and Learning

Assessing Student Learning in Library Instruction: A Faculty Perspective

Doreen Bradley and Jo Angela Oehrli (University of Michigan)

Information Literacy Assessment for Instruction Improvement and Demonstration of Library Value: Comparing Locally-Grown and Commercially-Created Tests

Kathy Clarke (James Madison University) and Carolyn Radcliff (Carrick Enterprises)

Developing Library Learning Outcomes: Reflecting on Instruction across the Library

Ashley McMullin, Jennifer Schwarz, and Janice Scurio (DePaul University)

What Could We Do, If Only We Knew? Libraries, Learning Analytics, & Student Success


Megan Oakleaf (Syracuse University), Malcolm Brown (Educause), Scott Walter (DePaul University), Dean Hendrix (University of Texas at San Antonio), and Joe Lucia (Temple University)

Library Participation in Learning Analytics Initiatives: Library and Student Perspectives

Michael Perry (Northwestern University); M. Brooke Robertshaw (Oregon State University); Andrew Asher and Kyle Jones (Indiana University); Kristin Briney (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee); Abigail Goben (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Session 18: Services

Where Do We Grow from Here? Assessing the Impact of a Digital Media Commons on Student Success

Kathy Crowe and Armondo Collins (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Benchmarking Reference Data Collection: The Results of a National Survey on Reference Transaction Instruments with Recommendations for Effective Practice

Rebecca Graff (Southern Methodist University), Paula Dempsey (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Adele Dobry (California State University, Los Angeles)

Implementing Standardized Statistical Measures and Metrics for Public Services in Archival Repositories and Special Collections Libraries

Amanda Hawk (Louisiana State University)

Assessing Need and Evaluating Programs for a Health Science Center Library’s Wellness Initiative

Ariel Pomputius, Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Margaret Ansell, Terry Selfe, Jane Morgan-Daniel, and Michele R. Tennant (University of Florida)

One Year In: Using a Mission-Driven Assessment Plan to Enact Change in an Academic Library Makerspace

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter and Amber Welch (University of Texas Libraries)


Creating an Assessment Plan & Data Inventory: Aligning & Managing Metrics of Success

Starr Hoffman (University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries)

Loud Librarians! Communicating the Impact of Your Library

Selena Killick (The Open University Library) and Frankie Wilson (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford)